Blokkade II

Der Goldene Turm

Der Goldene Turm  {The Golden Tower}
is the title of an installation which is exhibited till the 30th of January 2011 at the Glaskasten of the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in the exhibition Blokkade II.

What is to be kept, and what is to be thrown away? How do we build history, what will the golden Tower be like?
I live in Leipzig in one of 3 triplets towers which were build during the DDR in 1978. Their original name was “die drei gleichen” {the three same, or alike}.
They are currently being renovated. The first is already finished, it is now the silver Tower and is painted in grey. The second one is being currently renovated, from the inside, and is to become the golden tower; whereas mine, is to later become the bronze Tower.  I took 9 doors, 9 doors for each flat on one of the Towers’ floor. And brought them to Stuttgart, to exhibit them, inside, and out,
misplaced, displaced, displayed… A gesture to try to grasp the remnants of a foreign history.

annageorge lopez _ leipzig, January 2011




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